After months of development work and extensive field testing, the Micro-Generation Power Manager™ is now being shipped in quantity.

The Micro-Generation Power Manager™ is unique in the marketplace in that it enables owners of Solar PV systems to maximise their investment and significantly increase the returns from the Solar PV or Wind micro-generation system.

Until now, when the sun was shining or wind was blowing, and you weren’t around either because you were at work, away for the day, or even asleep, you couldn’t make use of the excess power that your system generated and you simply exported it to the grid – Now that has all changed.

The way the Feed-in Tariff system works in the UK is that you get paid for every kWh of electricity that you generate, and of course if you can use that energy effectively – WHEN it is being produced, then that is energy that you won’t need to buy later.

The problem has been that until now, if you weren’t at home to switch the washing machine or dishwasher on, all that ‘free’ generated energy was simply exported, and you would have to buy it back again later.

Well now, all with the launch of the Micro-Generation Power Manager™ all that has changed and you can now make use of every bit of energy that you are generating, no matter how small, without wasting it.

The Micro-Generation Power Manager™ works buy constantly monitoring your Solar PV or Wind Generator, and your consumption in the home, and if their is excess power, no matter how small it will automatically send just that excess to an immersion heater or storage heater, so effectively giving you ‘free’ hot water or heating.

It actually gets even better, since when you get your quarterly Feed-in Tariff payments, you also get paid for an assumed amount of energy that you have not used and exported. However that isn’t actually measured, and you get paid an export rate based on everything that you generate – ( for systems less than 30kWp, i.e. for Domestic sized systems, the regulations assume that you will export 50% whether you do or don’t) so even when you get smart and stop exporting you will still be paid that amount!

The Micro-Generation Power Manager™ uses specially developed control systems that constantly monitor your generation and consumption many times per second and will only divert just that amount of spare power that is available, so for example if you have a 3kWp Solar PV system that is generating 2kW, and the house is consuming say 300 Watts, then ot can divert 1.7Kw to your immersion heater, as soon as you turn on the kettle (say 1kW) then it will only send 0.7Kw to your immersion heater, when the kettle has boiled, it will then increase the power (if available) to the immersion heater  Also if a cloud comes over and reduces the output from your PV system, then it will reduce the output as necessary, constantly balancing the difference between what you are using, what is being generated and what can be diverted to an immersion heater or storage radiator.

Buy making use of the excess energy generated from your Solar PV or Wind system, your Micro-Generation Power Manager™ will typically pay for itself in only 3 to 5 years

It doesn’t stop there though, the Micro-Generation Power Manager™ also has built in timer controls to switch on a backup heating system (of your choice – typically your current hot water heating system) to ensure that you have hot water whatever the vagaries of the British Weather! It can also be configured to supply multiple heating load such as immersions and storage radiators, so once the water is hot, it will then send the excess power to a storage radiator, whilst still constantly monitoring the immersion to ensure a full tank of hot water, units can be daisy chained to supply multiple loads and work across multiple phases as well.

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