There has been a growing need for a low cost good value, highly functional immersion heater controller that can use the excess energy generated by Solar PV systems. Until now the choice has been somewhat limited.

There have been high end systems costing thousands of pounds that delivered proportionally controlled power to an immersion heater, i.e., just the difference between what is being generated and what is being consumed, or low end systems that just made an assumption on the available power, that usually required a change in the immersion heater to a lower powered one (1kW) and left you at risk of using expensive paid for energy when you switched the kettle on, or there have been home-grown Heath Robinson solutions.

Now all that has changed, the ImmerSUN™ Micro-Generation Power Manager™ developed by 4Eco does it properly, and at an affordable price, that means it will pay for itself within just 3 – 5 years.

The Micro-Generation Power Manager™ constantly monitors the production, and consumption, by actively monitoring the incoming supply to see if your are importing or about to export generated electricity and then proportionally diverts that power to a resistive load such as an immersion heater or storage radiator. What this means is that you will use all the available power when you want it without the risk of accidentally importing paid for electricity. The Micro-Generation Power Manager™ copes with the instantly changing loads in the house such as kettles, dishwashers washing machines and tumble dryers being switched on and off, and only when there is spare power will it send that excess, and just that excess to the heater.

It doesn’t stop there though, if the immersion is up to temperature, it can ‘roll over’ that excess power to another heater such as a thermal store or storage radiator, whilst still prioritising the hot water, and with built in timers and controls that can switch on back up heaters, it also means that on days of low output, you will still have hot water when you need it at the lowest possible cost.

The ImmerSUN™ Micro-Generation Power Manager™ can also be cascaded to cope with multiple loads, larger output systems and multiple phase.

So, to find out if your hot water or heating system would benefit from the Micro-Generation Power Manager™, just call us for more information on 01386 871490, email us on, or fill in the contact form here: Contact-Us

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