Worcester Renewables Teams up with 4Eco to Launch the Micro-Generation Power Manager™

On December 11, 2018, in News, by Gordon Bunker

After months of development work and extensive field testing, the Micro-Generation Power Manager™ is now being shipped in quantity. The Micro-Generation Power Manager™ is unique in the marketplace in that it enables owners of Solar PV systems to maximise their investment and significantly increase the returns from the Solar PV or Wind micro-generation system. Until [...]

Is the Micro-Generation Power Manager™ the ultimate Solar PV immersion heater controller?

On August 17, 2012, in News, by Gordon Bunker

There has been a growing need for a low cost good value, highly functional immersion heater controller that can use the excess energy generated by Solar PV systems. Until now the choice has been somewhat limited. There have been high end systems costing thousands of pounds that delivered proportionally controlled power to an immersion heater, [...]

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